Troubleshooting Query Problems – Before You Contact Support

To make sure your problem is resolved as quickly as possible, you should gather all the pertinent information before you create a support ticket. The following checklist will help you organize this information:

  • What is your account ID?

    You can find this on the My Accounts page of the Control Panel.

  • What is the ID of the cluster on which the command ran?

    To find this, pull down the Clusters menu and click on the cluster that has a check mark by it. This brings up a new page; the cluster ID is at the top, for example Cluster (21724).

  • Is the problem related to a command?

    If so:

    • What is the command ID?

      You can find this under the History tab on the Analyze page.

    • A screen shot (or copy-and-paste) of the query log (under the Logs tab) would be very helpful.

  • What did you change (if anything) in your query environment (QDS, Cloud, etc.) before you ran this query?

  • What troubleshooting steps (if any) have you tried?

  • What is the business impact of this problem?

    For example:

    • Impact on internal SLA or production workloads?
    • Impact on new development with <deadline> (please specify)?
    • Testing only (low urgency)?