Qubole Data Service Documentation


We would like to publicly and unequivocally acknowledge that a few words and phrases in terminology used in our industry and subsequently adopted by Qubole over the last decade is insensitive, non-inclusive, and harmful. We are committed to inclusivity and correcting these terms and the negative impressions that they have facilitated. Qubole is actively replacing the following terms in our documentation and education materials:

  • Master becomes Coordinator

  • Slave becomes Worker

  • Whitelist becomes Allow List or Allowed

  • Blacklist becomes Deny List or Denied

These terms have been pervasive for too long in this industry which is wrong and we will move as fast as we can to make necessary corrections, while we need your patience we will not take it for granted. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you feel there are other areas for improvement, if you feel we are not doing enough or moving fast enough or if you want to discuss anything further in this area.

Alex Aidun (alex@qubole.com)
Director, Education Services
Director, Technical Publications