Adding and Managing Users

  • A QDS user can join many accounts with a single profile.
  • A user has one default account at any given time.
  • A QDS account can have many users and can be a part of more than one group.

Viewing Users in an Account

To see the list of users in an account, navigate to the Control Panel and choose Manage Users.

Inviting a User to Join an Account

See Managing Users for information on inviting a user to an account. When inviting a new user, you have the option to add the new user to a group. If no group is mentioned, by default, the user is added to the system user group.

Signing Up to Join an Existing Account as a New User

On the Manage Users page, click the hyperlink next to New user can join your account while signing up using this link and complete the signup form to join the account. That hyperlink can be copied and shared over an email/instant message. A new user who signs up using that hyperlink automatically joins that particular account.

See Quick Start Guide for more information on the signup form.

Activating a Pending User

If you are a system administrator, you see a list of users who have signed up to join this account in the Pending Users tab of the Manage Users page. Activate a pending user by approving their request.