Changelog for

Date and time of release Version Change type Change
Apr 20 2020 8:10 AM PST 58.0.1088 Bug fix Airflow and other bug fixes.
Mar 24 2020 2:12 AM PST 57.0.1055 Bug fix Various bug fixes.
Feb 20 2020 1:32 AM PST 57.0.1051 Bug Fix

PRES-3249: Fixes UnsupportedOperationException occurring in some complex outer join queries when Dynamic Filtering was enabled.

PRES-3282: Adds support for lambdas in ExpressionEquivalence.

PRES-3051: Fixes “Invalid partition value” exception and intermittent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in queries with Dynamic Filtering enabled.

PRES-3112: Enables dynamic partition pruning on Hive tables at the account level.

PRES-3113: Improves autoscaling through better accounting of queued work.

SQOOP-242: For new accounts, QDS does not provide a Pixie cluster by default to run DB import and export commands.

Enhancement PRES-2990: Improves efficiency of dynamic partition pruning by preventing listing and creation of Hive splits from partitions, which are pruned at runtime.
Jan 27 2020 11:34 PM PST 57.0.1044 Bug fix ZEP-4275: QDS now uses HTTPS for Apache Maven access because Maven no longer supports HTTP.
Dec 10 2019 2:30 AM PST 57.0.1034 Bug fix ACM-5996: Accelerated networking is now enabled by default for supported Azure instance types.
Nov 29 2019 1:17 AM PST 57.0.1030 Bug fix ACM-6095: Fixes a problem that caused a push of a cluster configuration to fail if a network interface card (NIC) was attached.
Nov 20 2019 12:31 AM PST 57.0.1027 R57 release
Oct 7 2019 3:01 PM PST 56.0.1078 Bug FIx JUPY-318: Fixes a problem that caused notebooks not to run after a package upgrade.
Sep 23 2019 11:07 PM PST 56.0.1070 Bug Fix AN-2233: Allows ADLS Gen 2 filesystems to be seen from the Explore page of the QDS UI.
Sep 12 2019 3:46 AM PST 56.0.1062 Enhancement JUPY-1: Provides support for the JupyterLab interface, which is the next-generation UI for Jupyter notebooks. Jupyter notebooks are supported on Spark 2.2 and later versions. Beta, Via Support. See Jupyter Notebooks.
Jul 30 2019 07:11 AM PST 56.0.1040 Bug fix

PRES-2889: Fixes an issue that caused Presto queries to fail when the QDS account was configured to use ADLS Gen 2 with authorization via per-user tokens.

PRES-2871: Fixes an issue that prevented the tmp directory from being created in Presto 0.208.

PRES-2775: Fixes a problem which could prevent an upscaled Presto cluster from downscaling if short-running queries were regularly scheduled.

PRES-2727: Fixes a problem that caused queries to fail when a table contained sub-columns of type struct with names starting with a number.

PRES-2915: Fixes an issue which caused an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for some queries using dynamic filtering.

HIVE-4681: Fixes a race condition which caused Thrift Metastore Server to fail to start.

ACM-5167: Fixes a problem that caused data disks to persist after a cluster had been terminated.



  • You can now set session properties in Presto notebooks. They will persist across paragraphs in a notebook.
  • To improve debugging, a source field is identified as notebook_<notename>_<note_id> for notebooks and dashboard_<dashboard_name>_<dashboard_id>_<source_note_id> for dashboards. A source field is directly searchable in the Presto UI; you can search a notebook by its name or ID to quickly filter queries when debugging.

PRES-2254: You can now set the zeppelin.presto.stacktrace interpreter property to see the stack trace for some errors.

JDBC-124: Adds support for multiple statements launched together in Fastpath.

May 30 2019 2:34 AM PST 56.0.1013 R56 release
May 2 2019 2:06 AM PST 50.0.1006 Bug fix

AN-1974: Column headers now appear on the Analyze page for large Hive queries (approximately 65KB and greater).

AN-1667: Provides faster data preview in the Analyze preview pane.

Enhancement AN-1751: Adds Examples tab on the Analyze page.
Mar 27 2019 01:38 AM PST 55.0.1001 Bug fix PRES-2635: An earlier fix to improve the planning time of queries which use the CONCAT function caused a degradation in execution in some cases. The current fix disables the planning optimization by default; to enable it, enable qubole.skip-concat-partition-pruning as a Presto cluster override. You can also enable it for a session by setting qubole.skip-concat-partition-pruning as a session property.
March 14 2019 2:18 AM PST 54.0.1000 R55 release
January 14 2019 6:02 AM PST 54.0.1008 Bug fix PRES-2443: Fixes an issue that caused a Presto query to fail if it needed to launch a cluster (though the cluster itself eventually came up).
November 28 2018 1:35 PM PST 54.0.1002 R54 release