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Date and time of release Version Change type Change
23rd Mar, 2020 (05:28 AM PST) 58.0.71 Enhancement

PRES-3360: Qubole has added a Datadog alert to detect runaway splits occupying execution slots for more than 10 minutes.

PRES-3404: Qubole has improved utilization of dynamic filters on worker nodes and reduced load on coordinator when dynamic filtering is enabled.

PRES-3429: QDS Presto version 317 is generally available now.

PRES-3469: Qubole has backported OS fixes to improve performance of inequality JOINs that involves BETWEEN and GROUP BY queries.

Bug fix

PRES-2481: Qubole has increased the default value of scheduler.max-requests-queued-per-destination to reduce occurrences of Max requests per destination 1024 exceeded for HttpDestination exceptions under high concurrency.

PRES-3108: Presto queries failed with denied authorization to Hive metastore. To fix this issue, Qubole has added a new configuration property called `hive.metastore.thrift.impersonation.enabled. You must set it to true for impersonation support. This helps in cases where authorization is enabled on the Hive metastore and actual user running a query should be used to send requests to the Hive metastore.

PRES-3403: The issue where a Presto query with the WHERE clause on TEXT files returned empty result is fixed. Presto can now read from Hive partitions which have location pointing to a file. This is a not recommended practice though given its limitations. Instead, you should point partition location to a directory.

PRES-3411: Fixed UnsupportedOperationException faced with certain multi-JOIN queries with Dynamic Filtering enabled. This is a back-port of an open-source fix.

PRES-3443: SELECT * from system.jdbc.columns Presto queries failed with IndexOutOfBoundsException. To identify the problematic schema, Qubole has handled runtime exceptions and added the schema name in the exception stacktrace. You can fix the problematic schema after referring to logs and successfully execute SELECT * from system.jdbc.columns queries.

19th Mar, 2020 (07:36 AM PST) 58.0.70 Enhancement AN-1430: When the number of columns in the Results pane is greater than 30, only the first 30 columns are rendered. You can use the Column drop-down list to select any (other) 30 columns to view. Additionally, the entire result set is available for download. Beta
Bug fix AN-2510: While pinning custom buckets in Workbench, you can now pick a different region to list bucket contents. Beta
17th Mar, 2020 (07:38 AM PST) 58.0.68 Bug fix JUPY-672: The Spark application status was not displayed in the Jupyter notebook panel menu. This issue is fixed.
13th Mar, 2020 (10:03 AM PST) 58.0.64 Enhancement ZEP-4327: Precaching for Table Explorer (Datasets) is now available in Zeppelin notebooks. Via Support.
Bug fix

ZEP-4336: Paragraphs failed with the NameError: name 'os' is not defined error in Zeppelin 0.8.0. The default python imports (os, json, re, traceback, and getopt) are added in Zeppelin 0.8.0 Pyspark interpreter to fix this issue.

ZEP-4321:Table Explorer was consuming high amount of memory when loading a large number of tables. As a result, notebooks page was unresponsive. This issue is fixed.

ZEP-4290: Notebook command failures with the undefined method 'body' for nil:NilClass error have been fixed.

ZEP-4401: The paragraph run time in the Notebooks UI was displayed incorrectly. This issue is fixed.

ZEP-4378: HTML tags were not rendered under markdown paragraph. This issue is fixed.

ZEP-4310: Jobs were failing due to high logging late in the data-driven log filtering tool. This issue is fixed by adding async processing queue for the data-driven log filtering tool.

10th Mar, 2020 (09:17 AM PST) 58.0.61 Enhancement

ACM-6564: Added the m5a, m5ad, r5a and r5ad instance types for all the supported regions.

ACM-6585: Added the c5.12xlarge and c5.24xlarge instance types for all the supported regions.

JUPY-667: In case of isolated mode, the livy session name is unique to facilitate multiple executions of a notebook in parallel.

Bug fix

JUPY-654: Jupyter notebook commands were being marked as failed although the notebooks ran successfully. This issue is fixed.

JUPY-659: The create, update, and rename APIs of Jupyter notebooks were not handling few special characters in name validation. This issue is fixed.

JUPY-665: Jupyter notebook execution failed when more than 10 notebooks were run from the scheduler in parallel. This issue is fixed.

5th Mar, 2020 (12:11 AM PST) 58.0.58 Bug fix

ACM-6397: The issue in which fetching engine configuration caused command failures is resolved now.

ACM-6515: Fixed a bug where a local node bootstrap file was deleted and hence it did not get executed.

ACM-6531: The issue where clusters with version R56 got terminated due to health check failure is resolved now.

QHIVE-5118: You can use the Beeline client to escape control characters in results with a HiveServer2 (HS2) cluster. For more information on the Beeline command shell, see the Apache documentation, HiveServer 2 Clients: Beeline - Command Line Shell.

When this feature is enabled, SELECT queries with the LIMIT clause less than or equal to 999 do not launch a Hadoop job on the cluster. You can get this feature enabled by contacting Qubole Support. Via Support

QHIVE-5194: Fixed the issue which caused an error where query results were displayed in the ASCII format when the Hive table data was in the Parquet format.

25th Feb, 2020 (08:01 AM PST) 58.0.54 Bug fix HADTWO-2367: Qubole has backported HDFS-11499 to fix the issue in HDFS where DFS clients could not close a file as its last block did not have sufficient number of replicas. For more details, see HDFS-11499 and HDFS-11486.
24th Feb, 2020 (11:49 PM PST) 58.0.52 R58 Major Release
20th Jan, 2020 (06:55 AM PST) 57.0.106 Enhancement AN-2201: Workbench displays columns in the same order as that of the describe <table>. Clicking on Name sorts them in the ascending order. Beta
Bug fix ZEP-4275: Downloading dependencies in notebooks failed because maven stopped support for http. This issue is fixed and now all the references to maven use https.
16th Jan, 2020 (05:07 AM PST) 57.0.103 Enhancement

ACM-5876: Qubole now supports m5n, m5dn, r5n, and r5dn instance types.

ACM-6032: Qubole now supports G4 instance types.

ACM-6165: Qubole now supports r5d.8xlarge, r5d.16xlarge, m5d.8xlarge, and m5d.16xlarge instance types.

Bug fix

QHIVE-5051: Fixed the issue when reading columns statistics fails for a column of date type in a partitioned table. Qubole has backported open-source fix, HIVE-20098 to all Hive versions.

QTEZ-497: Fixed the issue which caused very large Tez DAG submission to fail with Exception. Related open-source issue: TEZ-3784.

15th Jan, 2020 (03:31 AM PST) 57.0.101 Enhancement EAM-1801: Bastion Support for the snowflake data store is introduced so that the users can use bastion nodes to whitelist IP and ensure more security (Disabled, Via Support, Cluster Restart Required).
19th Dec, 2019 (11:43 PM PST) 57.0.98 Enhancement

AD-471: While whitelisting an IP address, you can now add a description as required. The description can contain a maximum of 255 characters. It is supported through the UI and API as well. For more information, see Whitelisting IP Addresses and Add a Whitelisted IP Address.

AD-645: Qubole has introduced a new monthly Qubole Compute Unit (QCU) API and it has deprecated the old QCUH and Monthly Usage API. For more information, see View your Qubole Compute Unit (QCU) Usage.

PRES-3234: Presto 317 (beta) now supports AWS Glue metastore.

Bug fix

PRES-3157: Qubole has fixed the MANDATORY_PARTITION_CONSTRAINT rule of Strict Mode in Presto 0.208 to allow queries, which use a predicate expression on any partitioned column while scanning a partitioned table.

PRES-3240: The optimization to finish join tasks early if their probe side is empty, has been removed as it deadlocks the query execution if new nodes join the cluster while the query is executing.

PRES-3282: Presto has added support for Lambdas in ExpressionEquivalence. This is a backport from the following open source commit.

18th Dec, 2019 (01:19 AM PST) 57.0.94 Enhancement

AN-2078: While selecting a cluster for a Hive, Presto, or Spark command, you can view its memory and CPU usage and its Hive metastore connectivity. Reviewing this information helps you make an informed decision on which cluster to choose for submitting commands. Beta

AN-1584: Workbench displays clusters sorted by Up, Pending, Terminating, and Down. Within each set, cluster labels are sorted alphabetically. Beta

AN-2348: Workbench now supports the read-only view for Spark notebook commands. You can use these to view logs, results, and resource links for the selected command. Beta

AN-2275: The command composer can now be resized for Spark and Shell commands. Beta

Bug fix AN-2261: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the command preview text to not display properly if a keyword search was performed. Beta
25th Nov, 2019 (03:13 AM PST) 57.0.79 Bug fix ACM-5991: The issue in which a cluster containing spot nodes in its composition returned add_spot_fleet_using_instance_weight_info_list_sync - Could not make spot fleet request: error has been resolved now.
21st Nov, 2019 (01:14 PM PST) 57.0.77 Enhancement

AD-2805: You can now validate an account using AWS simulation. This helps in identifying any missing permissions.

ZEP-493: Bitbucket is integrated with notebooks. You can use Bitbucket to manage versions of your notebooks. Learn more.

20th Nov, 2019 (05:28 AM PST) 57.0.72 New feature PRES-3070: Presto version 317 (beta) is now available on the Presto cluster.

PRES-2990: Improved efficiency of dynamic partition pruning by preventing listing and creation of Hive splits from partitions, which are pruned at runtime.

PRES-3112: Qubole has introduced a feature to enable dynamic partition pruning on Hive tables at account level. This feature is part of Gradual Rollout.

QUEST-385: Users must create Spark Streaming clusters to run Spark structured streaming pipelines at scale with the Quest features.

QUEST-443: Users can use the new Filter option in the Pipelines view to filter the Pipelines based on their state.

QUEST-435, QUEST-378, QUEST-377, QUEST-403: Users can now edit, clone, archive, and delete pipelines depending on the State of the pipelines.

QUEST-406: Users can now modify name of the pipeline, when the pipeline is in the Draft state.

QUEST-405: Users can add Amazon S3 as a source when creating streaming pipelines.

QUEST-413, QUEST-454: Users can view the health of the streaming pipelines in the left pane of the Pipelines view.

QUEST-334: Users can fetch schemas from the Kafka cluster. For more information, see

Bug fix

PRES-3051: It fixes the Invalid partition value exception and intermittent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exceptions from queries with dynamic filtering enabled.

PRES-3113: Improved accounting of queued work for calculation of optimal size in autoscaling.

PRES-3131: Qubole has added http-server.log.max-size=1GB in to ensure that the HTTP request log is rolled over regularly if the file size reaches 1GB.

PRES-3163: It fixes a bug which could cause some additional nodes to be added to the cluster for a short duration during spot loss.

PRES-3187: It fixes a bug that caused the Download as CSV file option on Analyze UI to incorrectly download the file as Tab separated.

Enhancement ACM-5958: Qubole has done improvements in cluster UI page’s loading to resolve the slow-loading cluster UI page.
Bug fix

ZEP-4081: Notebooks were failing due to jar conflicts with Spark. Thrift version used by Zeppelin is upgraded to 0.9.3 to fix this issue.

ZEP-4119: Python environment for the Notebooks was not getting configured properly. This issue is fixed now.

18th Nov, 2019 (04:15 AM PST) 57.0.66 Enhancement AIR-404: The users can now provide custom on_failure_callback for QuboleCheckOperator just like QuboleOperator. It allows users to define a custom callback if the QuboleCheckOperator fails (Cluster Restart Required).
7th Nov, 2019 (11:14 AM PST) 57.0.52 R57 Upgrade
27th Sep, 2019 (04:13 AM PST) 56.0.158 Enhancement PRES-2791: Qubole has ported open-source changes that are related to improvements in S3 reads to Qubole Presto 0.208 version. For more information, see Faster S3 reads.
Bug fix

PRES-2961: In an IAM-Role-based account, the issue where incorrect IAM-Role info had been sent to Presto has been resolved now.

PRES-2999: The NullPointerException when local memory limits are exceeded and a leak in operator peak memory computations in Presto version 0.208 queries have been resolved now.

PRES-3009: The issue where the Presto coordinator disk was filling up due to presence of RubiX logs in the autoscaling log file has been resolved. rubix.log is excluded from autoscaling logs.

    Bug fix ACM-5664: Fixed the caching issue of the cluster list in the Analyze (Workbench (beta) UI page.
    Bug fix ACM-5616: Status checking of Spot requests has been made more robust by doing retries for DescribeSpotInstanceRequests in case of the RequestResourceCountExceeded error.
    Bug fix QHIVE-4798: Fixed an issue which can lead to a memory leak in HiveServer2 JVM when a large number of concurrent applications are running on a given cluster.
    Bug fix ACM-5689: Fixed an issue where the default Hadoop cluster did not start during the AWS test drive signup.

ACM-5266: Qubole supports i3en.large, i3en.xlarge, i3en.2xlarge, i3en.3xlarge, i3en.6xlarge, i3en.12xlarge, and i3en.24xlarge instances.

ACM-5413: Qubole supports m5.8xlarge, m5.16xlarge, m5a.8xlarge, m5a.16xlarge, r5.8xlarge, r5a.8xlarge, r5a.16xlarge, and r5.16xlarge instances.

ACM-5558: During provisioning of nodes on a running heterogeneous cluster, Qubole tries providing instance types set in the heterogeneous configuration before falling back to On-Demand instances. For more information, see Additional Permissions.

Bug fix

ACM-5532: During the scrub run that is removing dead nodes for a cluster, there were nodes that were unreachable. This resulted in performance issues. To resolve this issue, Qubole terminates such nodes that cannot be connected. Via Support.

HADTWO-2098: In some cases, the scrub run did not remove dead nodes from a cluster. It happened as the scrub run connected to dead nodes as well through SSH to check on the node bootstrap completion. To resolve this issue, Qubole has improved the scrub run process, which does not connect to a dead node registered in the ResourceManager. This helps removing dead nodes that remained in the cluster and prevents such dead nodes from remaining in the cluster unlike before.

22 Aug, 2019 (6:05 AM PST) 56.0.120 Enhancement

JUPY-1: Qubole provides JupyterLab interface, which is the next generation user interface for Jupyter, to create and manage Jupyter notebooks. Jupyter notebooks are supported on Spark 2.2 and later versions. Beta, Via Support. Learn more.

AN-2168: New Analyze is now Workbench. Beta.

AN-1814: You can resize the command query composer in Workbench for Hive, Presto, Quantum, and DB Query commands. Beta.

AN-1324: Cluster live health metrics are now available as part of the Clusters drop-down list in Workbench. Via Support. Beta.

AN-1327: To make debugging easier, Qubole now displays the Cluster Instance ID under the Processing tab of the Status pane. This enables you to collect logs of the particular command by cluster instance. Beta.

AN-2210: You can now tag commands on the History tab in Workbench. You can later use these tags to filter out commands using the Tags field (in the history filter). Beta.

Bug fix AN-2219: Resource links are now clickable in the Logs pane in Workbench. Clicking the link redirects the user to the corresponding cluster dashboard.
06 Aug, 2019 (9:00 AM PST) 56.0.108 Enhancement AIR-390: Now Airflow is supported on New Package Management. New Package Management brings in features like Python 3.7, a new version of Conda, and a lot of fixes on package installation such as support for no-arch packages, and so on (Cluster Restart Required, Disabled, Via Support).
21st Aug, 2019 (5:53 AM PST) 56.0.117 Enhancement ZEP-3373: Users can now edit the notebooks even when the clusters are offline. Via Support
Bug fix ACM-5344: Qubole supports configuring proxy setting of Internet proxy server and no_proxy settings for cluster nodes. To override them, contact Qubole Support. Via Support
06 Aug, 2019 (9:00 AM PST) 56.0.108 Enhancement

ZEP-2717 and ZEP-3602: The Environments UI is now available in the Control Panel by default for the new users.

Limitation: The packages that are installed by default cannot be uninstalled in new version of Package Management.

1st Aug, 2019 (8:00 AM PST) 56.0.102 Enhancement AD-2476: To mitigate risk while rolling out a new feature, Qubole groups users, and accounts into different pods. When a change is rolled out to a pod, Qubole monitors the feature’s performance before rolling it out to subsequent pods. You can view the pod you belong to in the Account Details section of the Account Settings tab.
19th July, 2019 (2:41 PM PST) 56.0.92 Enhancement PRES-2918: A new experimental configuration property called experimental.reserved-pool-enabled is added to Presto version 0.208 to allow disabling Reserved Pool, which is used to prevent deadlocks when memory is exhausted in the General Pool by promoting the biggest query to Reserved Pool. However, only one query gets promoted to Reserved Pool and queries in General Pool get into the blocked state whenever it becomes full. To avoid this scenario, you can set experimental.reserved-pool-enabled to false for disabling Reserved Pool. For more information, see Disabling Reserved Pool.
Bug fix

PRES-2746: S3 buckets were inaccessible with IAM Roles configured on the Qubole account. To resolve this issue, Presto has added hive.s3-secondary-role-arn and hive.s3-secondary-role-extid. You can add the ARN and External ID of the user-overridden (secondary) IAM Role that can access S3 buckets, in Hive catalog properties. For more information, see Hive Catalog Properties associated with AWS.

PRES-2797: Fixed the issue in the generated Presto Query Tracker when Presto version was changed on an active Presto cluster.

PRES-2856: Fixed the issue in which command results were displayed without column headers for Presto queries when Qubole drivers executed such queries in Presto FastPath.

PRES-2915: Fixed the issue in which a Presto cluster with idle cluster timeout configuration did not automatically terminate even when it was idle for a longer time.

    Enhancement Hive version 2.3 is generally available.
Bug fix

QHIVE-4385: To resolve FileNotFoundException while calculating FileSplits for the ORC file format, Qubole has added retries in the Tez AM configuration. You can configure number of retries by using hive.qubole.handle.s3.stale.listing.retries.split.generation, which defaults to 10. This configuration minimizes query failures due to inconsistency in S3 listing.

This is an enhancement over QHIVE-3675, which handled FileNotFoundException that occurred while processing a specific FileSplit. Via Support

    Enhancement ACM-4221 and ACM-5016: Qubole supports Hive 3.1.1 (beta) on a Hive cluster. Starting cluster API v2.1, Hadoop 2 (Hive) clusters are renamed as Hive clusters. You can set Hive 3.1.1 (beta) version while creating/editing a cluster. Qubole supports creating Hive clusters only from cluster API v2.1 onwards. Via Support
13th June, 2019 (3:04 PM PST) 56.0.76 Enhancement

AN-1639: The Status pane on the new Analyze page is now available for Quantum commands.

AN-1708: Permalinks for Hive tables on the new Analyze page now contain account IDs. When you navigate to a Hive table from a different account, a confirmation dialog box appears.

QUEST-321: Users can now use custom code in Python language for creating a streaming pipeline.

QUEST-332: Users can select AVRO as one of the input formats when creating a streaming pipeline in assisted mode with Kafka as source.

QUEST-341: Users can add additional configurations such as user defined metadata for data written to S3 sink.

SPAR-3514: The Test Run option in the QuEST UI, processes a limited number of records and maintains separate temporary checkpoint location to prevent any corruption to the runtime production checkpoint.

SPAR-3591: Users can pass x-amz-meta-metadata(key1=value1,key2=val2) while creating a new streaming job with s3 as the sink by setting the option fs.s3a.user.metadata as key1=val1,key2=val2. The streaming application creates new files with this metadata. This is supported on Spark 2.3.2 and later versions.

TOOLS-1440: The `s3cmd` version is upgraded from 1.5.2 to 2.0.2.

Bug fix

AN-1974: Column headers now appear on the Analyze page for large Hive queries (approximately 65KB and more).

QUEST-340: When the users performed a test run with Kinesis as source and IAM role enabled in the account, the test run failed. This issue is now fixed.

QUEST-324: If the checkpoint location is not unique, the QuEST UI displayed an inaccurate notification when running the streaming pipeline in assisted mode. Now, the accurate notification is displayed in this case.

10th June, 2019 (2:26 AM PST) 56.0.66 Enhancement

AD-1629: Qubole now supports IAM role-based account creation via API for AWS. Learn more.

AN-2100: All file downloads on the Explore page are now handled through AWS Signature Version 4.

QHIVE-4527: Qubole will deprecate Hive notebooks in the near future.

Bug fix

AD-2554: This bug fix resolves the intermittent provided token has expired error for AWS.

AD-2441: The Usage Status Dashboard has been revamped.

QTEZ-440: It is the fix for the issue in which a Tez DAG got hung when exceptions were uncaught during a DAG transition.

4th June, 2019 (2:25 AM PST) 56.0.61 Enhancement

JDBC-124: Qubole now supports concurrency of multiple statements in Presto FastPath.

PRES-2254: In a Presto notebook, you can now set zeppelin.presto.stacktrace as an interpreter property for displaying stacktrace for certain errors.

PRES-2600: These are the new enhancements in the Presto notebooks:

  • You can now set session properties in Presto notebooks in a paragraph and run it. When set, these session properties are applicable to paragraphs in the notebook’s current session.
  • In Presto notebooks, for improving debugging experience, the source field is set as notebook_<notebook-name>_<notebook-id> and in the dashboards, the source field is set as dashboard_<dashboard-name>_<dashboard-id>_<source-note-id>. A source field is directly searchable in the Presto UI. For example, in the Presto UI, you can search a notebook by its name or ID to quickly filter queries, which are run from that specific notebook while debugging an error.
Bug fix

PRES-2515: The issue which caused ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for some queries when using Dynamic Filtering is resolved now.

PRES-2727: This fixes the issue where queries with a table containing sub column names of a struct column type starting with numbers failed. Sub-column names of a struct column type can now start with numbers.

PRES-2775: This fixes a bug which could prevent an upscaled Presto cluster from downscaling if short running queries are regularly scheduled on the cluster.

28th May, 2019 (2:49 AM PST) 56.0.58 Major Release R56
21st May, 2019 (8:03 AM PST) 55.0.65 Enhancement AN-1382: Click the preview icon to preview a query. You can also dock the query preview while you work on another query.
15th May, 2019 (7:38 AM PST) 55.0.61 Enhancement SQOOP-242: A new enhancement provides a better focus on a functional add-on for SQOOP rather than moving prematurely to serverless model. If Pixie (Qubole Cluster) is not available for the account (due to a configuration), the user must use his own cluster. If Pixie is present on the environment, it is a default option for all the new customers to select their own cluster.
22nd April, 2019 (8:56 AM PST) 55.0.48 Bug fix AN-2056: Uploading objects or files through the Qubole UI is now supported for all AWS regions. KMS-enabled buckets are also supported.
03rd April, 2019 (2:15 AM PST) 55.0.37 Enhancement

PRES-1350: Qubole supports configuring the required number of worker nodes during autoscaling. It is a cluster configuration override, query-manager.required-workers. You can set it to denote the number of worker nodes that must be in the cluster before a query is scheduled to be run on the cluster. This enhancement is only supported with Presto 0.193 and later versions. For more information, see Configuring the Required Number of Worker Nodes.

PRES-2397: Qubole supports escaping newline \n and carriage return (\r) characters in data for correctly parsing on the QDS UI. This enhancement is not available by default and it is only supported with Presto 0.193 and later versions. Create a ticket with the Qubole Support to enable it on the QDS account.

PRES-2417: Presto clusters do not terminate while actively running Presto notebook paragraphs. The enhancement is not available by default. Create a ticket with Qubole Support to use it.

PRES-2474: The optimization to speed up queries on system.jdbc.tables with filter on a single table name. This speeds up the extract operation in Business Intelligence tools such as DBeaver, which query system.jdbc.tables with filter on a single table name.

Bug fix

PRES-1373: This is a fix for an issue where the retry operation was not working on the failed Presto queries. Retries work on the failed Presto queries now. As part of the fix, retries are configurable for Presto queries that run on the QDS platform.


Configuring retries will just do a blind retry of a Presto query. This may lead to data corruption for non-Insert Overwrite Directory (IOD) queries.

PRES-2306: Fixed a bug where the Usage page on the QDS UI did not show the Presto query’s bytes read statistics.

PRES-2493: Fixed the data loss issue in the Hive connector when writing bucketed sorted table in Qubole Presto 0.208 queries.

PRES-2567: Fixed a bug in the user-overridden IAM Role feature where stale credentials were being used in a long-running cluster.

PRES-2571: Fixed a concurrency related issue in autoscaling on Qubole Presto 0.193 and 0.208 versions due to which the cluster’s size permanently exceeds its maximum size.

Bug fix

QHIVE-3740: The Hive metastore API call has been replaced with a less expensive API call to resolve the issue of false alerts that were triggered on Datadog.

QHIVE-4040: It is a fix for an issue in DelimitedJSONSerde that caused NullPointerException when was enabled.

QHIVE-4053: It is a fix for an issue where the hive.qubole.drop.table.metastore.client.socket.timeout configuration was not honored when a Hive query containing the DROP Table statement was run.

QHIVE-4280: Hive jobs were failing with a Metaexception that included a timeout message. To resolve this issue, the SSH configuration parameters’ maximum value is increased on QDS servers.

QTEZ-335: It resolves an issue where the Tez Offline UI was inaccessible when was set to RollingLevelDBTimelineStore in the cluster’s Hadoop overrides.

27th March, 2019 (2:56 AM PST) 55.0.32 Enhancement SPAR-3005:For the offline Spark clusters, only the event log files that are less than 400 MB are processed in the offline Spark History Server (SHS). This prevents high CPU utilization on the internal servers due to SHS.
Bug fix SPAR-3391: Some paragraphs ran successfully but with a warning message during the first run. However, those paragraphs ran successfully without the warning on a re-run. This issue is fixed.
TOOLS-1139: The previous docker version had security vulnerabilities, which could allow malicious containers to gain root-level privileges on the host. To resolve security vulnerabilities of the previous docker version, the latest patch version of docker-18.06.1ce is installed.
SPAR-3371: Dynamic filtering now works for join keys of type Int, String, Long, and Short.

ZEP-3247: Zeppelin failed to start due to the interpreter.json._COPYING_ file in defloc. As a result, the notebooks failed to load. With this fix, Zeppelin starts successfully and the interpreter.json._COPYING_ file is not seen on defloc.

ZEP-3252: On a cluster restart, the latest dashboards are displayed after the scheduled runs.

ZEP-3230: Zeppelin server in Java 7 clusters was failing due to some ciphers that were disabled for securi Now, the Zeppelin server starts successfully as the required ciphers are added when starting the Zeppelin server.

ZEP-3243: A notebook with the ERROR status on a cluster failed to associate back to the cluster even after switching to another cluster. This issue is fixed.

ZEP-3234: Notebooks failed to load in case of higher latencies when fetching notebook permissions. This issue is fixed.

12th March, 2019 (4:04 AM PST) 55.0.17 R55 Upgrade
08th January, 2019 (1:18 AM PST) 54.0.50 Bug fix SPAR-3207: The Spark shuffle cleanup feature is not supported in Spark 2.2.1. However, the Spark shuffle cleanup feature continues to be supported in Spark 2.3.1 and later versions.
20th December, 2018 (2:30 PM PST) 54.0.30 Enhancement

SPAR-3151: Qubole now supports the latest Apache Spark 2.4.0 version. It is displayed as 2.4 latest (2.4.0) in the Spark Version field of the Create New Cluster page on QDS UI.

Learn more

6th December, 2018 (1:35 PM PST) 54.0.38 Bug fix EAM-1502: Fixed an issue in the Automatic Statistics Collection framework due to which the fresh statistics were not collected for a few tables.
29th Nov 2018 at (5:26 AM PST) 54.0.33 Enhancement PRES-2380: Presto notebooks are GA and Presto 0.208 (beta) version is available for use.
Bug fix

PRES-2338: Fixed a bug in Presto 0.180 and 0.193 to adhere to fallback to the On-Demand configuration in case of Spot loss.

PRES-2268: Fixed a bug in Presto 0.193 which caused SELECT queries with THE ROW type output to fail.

PRES-2269: Fixed a bug in Presto 0.193 due to which queries on Hive views from Presto were failing.

21st November, 2018 (1:29 AM PST) 54.0.26

Major release

For the list of changes until 21st November, 2018, see Changelog for