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Date and time of release Version Change type Change
6th May, 2020 (07:05 AM PST) 58.0.113 Bug fix

ACM-6923: This is a bug fix to avoid the duplication of cluster nodes, which remained in the shutting down state in AWS.

ZEP-4446: Notebooks were getting lost when the note.json file was missing. This issue is fixed.

ZEP-4531: The Notebook content was getting lost or reverted after the Websocket reconnect. This issue is fixed.

5th May, 2020 (03:28 AM PST) 58.0.109 Bug fix JUPY-694: Spark session was terminated even when there were active tasks. This issue is fixed.
29th Apr, 2020 (01:16 AM PST) 58.0.107 Major release R58 Upgrade
23rd Apr, 2020 (01:20 AM PST) 57.0.124 Bug fix ZEP-4290: Notebook command failures with the undefined method 'body' for nil:NilClass error have been fixed.
25th Nov, 2019 (04:53 AM PST) 57.0.79 Bug fix ACM-5991: The issue in which a cluster containing spot nodes in its composition returned add_spot_fleet_using_instance_weight_info_list_sync - Could not make spot fleet request: error has been resolved now.
21st Nov, 2019 (09:47 PM PST) 57.0.77 New feature PRES-3070: Presto version 317 (beta) is now available on the Presto cluster.

PRES-2990: Improved efficiency of dynamic partition pruning by preventing listing and creation of Hive splits from partitions, which are pruned at runtime.

PRES-3112: Qubole has introduced a feature to enable dynamic partition pruning on Hive tables at account level. This feature is part of Gradual Rollout.

AD-2805: You can now validate an account using AWS simulation. This helps in identifying any missing permissions.

ZEP-493: Bitbucket is integrated with notebooks. You can use Bitbucket to manage versions of your notebooks. Learn more.

Bug fix

PRES-3051: It fixes the Invalid partition value exception and intermittent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exceptions from queries with dynamic filtering enabled.

PRES-3113: Improved accounting of queued work for calculation of optimal size in autoscaling.

PRES-3131: Qubole has added http-server.log.max-size=1GB in to ensure that the HTTP request log is rolled over regularly if the file size reaches 1GB.

PRES-3163: It fixes a bug which could cause some additional nodes to be added to the cluster for a short duration during spot loss.

PRES-3187: It fixes a bug that caused the Download as CSV file option on Analyze UI to incorrectly download the file as Tab separated.

13th Nov, 2019 (08:47 AM PST) 57.0.64 Enhancement ACM-5958: Qubole has done improvements in cluster UI page’s loading to resolve the slow-loading cluster UI page.
7th Nov, 2019 (03:44 AM PST) 57.0.52 R57 Upgrade
13th June, 2019 (2:30 PM PST) 56.0.76 Enhancement

AN-1639: The Status pane on the new Analyze page is now available for Quantum commands.

AN-1708: Permalinks for Hive tables on the new Analyze page now contain account IDs. When you navigate to a Hive table from a different account, a confirmation dialog box appears.

QUEST-321: Users can now use custom code in Python language for creating a streaming pipeline.

QUEST-332: Users can select AVRO as one of the input formats when creating a streaming pipeline in assisted mode with Kafka as source.

QUEST-341: Users can add additional configurations such as user defined metadata for data written to S3 sink.

SPAR-3514: The Test Run option in the QuEST UI, processes a limited number of records and maintains separate temporary checkpoint location to prevent any corruption to the runtime production checkpoint.

SPAR-3591: Users can pass x-amz-meta-metadata(key1=value1,key2=val2) while creating a new streaming job with s3 as the sink by setting the option fs.s3a.user.metadata as key1=val1,key2=val2. The streaming application creates new files with this metadata. This is supported on Spark 2.3.2 and later versions.

TOOLS-1440: The `s3cmd` version is upgraded from 1.5.2 to 2.0.2.

Bug fix

AN-1974: Column headers now appear on the Analyze page for large Hive queries (approximately 65KB and more).

QUEST-340: When the users performed a test run with Kinesis as source and IAM role enabled in the account, the test run failed. This issue is now fixed.

QUEST-324: If the checkpoint location is not unique, the QuEST UI displayed an inaccurate notification when running the streaming pipeline in assisted mode. Now, the accurate notification is displayed in this case.

10th June, 2019 (3:06 AM PST) 56.0.66 Enhancement

AD-1629: Qubole now supports IAM role-based account creation via API for AWS. Learn more.

AN-2100: All file downloads on the Explore page are now handled through AWS Signature Version 4.

QHIVE-4527: Qubole will deprecate Hive notebooks in the near future.

Bug fix

AD-2554: This bug fix resolves the intermittent provided token has expired error for AWS.

AD-2441: The Usage Status Dashboard has been revamped.

QTEZ-440: It is the fix for the issue in which a Tez DAG got hung when exceptions were uncaught during a DAG transition.


JDBC-124: Qubole now supports concurrency of multiple statements in Presto FastPath.

PRES-2254: In a Presto notebook, you can now set zeppelin.presto.stacktrace as an interpreter property for displaying stacktrace for certain errors.

PRES-2600: These are the new enhancements in the Presto notebooks:

  • You can now set session properties in Presto notebooks in a paragraph and run it. When set, these session properties are applicable to paragraphs in the notebook’s current session.
  • In Presto notebooks, for improving debugging experience, the source field is set as notebook_<notebook-name>_<notebook-id> and in the dashboards, the source field is set as dashboard_<dashboard-name>_<dashboard-id>_<source-note-id>. A source field is directly searchable in the Presto UI. For example, in the Presto UI, you can search a notebook by its name or ID to quickly filter queries, which are run from that specific notebook while debugging an error.
Bug fix

PRES-2727: This fixes the issue where queries with a table containing sub column names of a struct column type starting with numbers failed. Sub-column names of a struct column type can now start with numbers.

PRES-2775: This fixes a bug which could prevent an upscaled Presto cluster from downscaling if short running queries are regularly scheduled on the cluster.

30th May, 2019 (1:26 AM PST) 56.0.59 Major Release R56
13th March, 2019 (3:55 AM PST) 55.0.17 Major Release R55
24th January, 2019 (05:44 PM PST) 54.0.58 Bug fix SPAR-3207: The Spark shuffle cleanup feature is not supported in Spark 2.2.1. However, the Spark shuffle cleanup feature continues to be supported in Spark 2.3.1 and later versions.
20th December, 2018 (2:30 PM PST) 54.0.30 Enhancement

SPAR-3151: Qubole now supports the latest Apache Spark 2.4.0 version. It is displayed as 2.4 latest (2.4.0) in the Spark Version field of the Create New Cluster page on QDS UI.

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28th November, 2018 (2:36 AM PST) 54.0.31

Major release

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