Configuring Tableau Using Other Databases (JDBC)

Tableau 2018.3 introduced support for JDBC connections. If you are on a version older than Tableau 2018.3, you can use Other Databases connectivity via ODBC. Qubole supports this option even though this is not a recommended option anymore. Please get in touch with Qubole Support.

Follow the instructions below to configure QDS using Qubole JDBC Driver with Other Databases (JDBC):

A. Download Qubole JDBC Driver:

  1. Download the latest Qubole JDBC driver (2.3 or later). For more information, see Downloading the JDBC Driver.
  2. Move the driver (jar) file to following location:
    • For Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers
    • For MAC: ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers
    • For Linux: /opt/tableau/tableau_driver/jdbc (For Tableau server)

B. Connect to Qubole using Other Databases (JDBC)

Follow the instructions below to connect to QDS using Other Databases (JDBC):

  1. After opening Tableau, navigate to the Connect menu. Under To a Server, select More….

  2. Click Other Databases (JDBC) and the Other Databases (JDBC) dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the JDBC URL. For more information, see Setting the JDBC Connection String.

  4. Select SQL92 from the Dialect drop-down list.

  5. Leave the Username field black and enter the Auth Token in the Password field.


    You can find the Auth Token or Password from QDS (Control Panel > My Accounts > click Show under the API Token column and copy it). To know more, see Managing Your Accounts.

  6. (Optional) Browse and select the JDBC properties file to customize the driver behavior. For more information, see Customize JDBC Connections Using a Properties File.

  7. Click Sign In to fire a query on the Qubole portal.

You have successfully connected to the Qubole using Other Databases (JDBC).