Connecting to Qubole through the JDBC DriverΒΆ

To connect to Qubole through JDBC, perform the following steps:


In JDBC and ODBC driver configurations, is the default endpoint.

  • Register the driver by specifying the name of the driver URL class. com.qubole.jdbc.jdbc41.core.QDriver is the driver class name.
  • URL is the connection string as per the query. See Setting the JDBC Connection String for more information.
  • You can leave the username empty.
  • Use the account API token as the password. See Managing Your Accounts on how to get the API token from the Control Panel UI of the account.

Here is a Java code sample for connecting to Qubole.

Qubole allows you to bypass the QDS Control Plane to fetch results from the Cloud Object Storage by setting useS3=true.