Enabling the Proxy ConnectionΒΆ

You can enable proxy if you want to use a proxy server for your connections on Qubole ODBC Driver DSN Setup. To enable:

  1. Open iODBC Administrator64 with Administrator Privileges. (sudo /Applications/iODBC/iODBC\ Administrator64.app/Contents/MacOS/iODBC\ Administrator64)

  2. Go to System DSN and select Qubole ODBC Driver DSN.

  3. Click Configure and the dialog is illustrated here.

  4. Enter the valid API Token.

  5. Change the DSI as required. The supported values are: Hive, Presto, or Spark.

  6. Create a keyword entry by clicking the + button. Enter PROXY_ENABLED = true.


    The keywords associated with the proxy connection are PROXY_HOST, PROXY_PORT, PROXY_USERNAME, PROXY_PASSWORD, PROXY_ENABLED, and PROXY_TYPE.

  7. Similarly, set the PROXY_HOST and PROXY_PORT keyword values, which are mandatory. Example: PROXY_HOST = and PROXY_PORT = 8081.

  8. Enter a value each for the PROXY_USERNAME and PROXY_PASSWORD (after adding them as keywords) if authentication is required.

  9. Add the PROXY_TYPE keyword and add a different value if you do not want the default HTTP value. These are the other supported proxy types:

    • HTTP_1_0
    • SOCKS4
    • SOCKS4A
    • SOCKS5

    Here is an example of the DSN Setup with the Proxy connection enabled.