Enabling Logging

You can enable logging for debugging applications. These topics describe how to enable logging in the driver for Linux, Mac, and Windows:

Enabling Logging on Linux and Mac

Proceed as follows to enable logging in the driver for Linux and Mac:

  1. Open the driver configuration file (~/.qubole.odbc.ini) in a text editor.
  2. Change the LogLevel to the required level. The different levels imply as given below:
    • 0 implies Off
    • 1 implies Fatal
    • 2 implies Error
    • 3 implies Warning
    • 4 implies Info
    • 5 implies Debug
    • 6 implies Trace
  3. Set the LogPath attribute to the full path of the folder where you want to save log files. This directory must exist and it must have write access to you and other users if the application using the driver runs as a specific user.
  4. Save the driver configuration file.
  5. Restart the application you are using the driver with. The application does not pick up configuration changes until it reloads the driver.


The name of the Driver log file is qubole_driver.log.

Enabling Logging on Windows

For debugging ODBC applications, configure Logging Options on the ODBC driver for Windows as described here:

  1. On Qubole ODBC Driver DSN Setup , click Logging Options. The following dialog box is displayed.

  2. Choose the Log Level, Log Path (the log file location, to which you or a user must have write access), and Log Rotation as required. The name of the log file is qubole_driver.log.