New Analyze Page

Qubole’s new Analyze page is a single-page application for ad hoc analytics of data in the data lake or a connected data source. It provides an enhanced debugging experience that enables workloads to recover from errors quickly. The new page supports the Presto, Hive, Spark, Hadoop, Shell, and DB query command types.

The key features of the new page include:

Ad hoc Analytics

Data discovery

  • The Tables tab now displays nested data types.
  • The Tables tab now orders columns alphabetically. It also displays partitioned columns on the top.
  • A table preview tab for table schema, data preview, and usage statistics is now available.

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Running and Analyzing results

  • You can now use Quantum to seamlessly switch between managed and serverless modes.
  • Our new Single file result download feature now stitches large results into a single result file.
  • The new Results tab allows you to search the displayed results.

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  • The application now provides example queries to help you get started.
  • The application generates a unique URL on clicking any table or database. You can now easily share this deep URL with other users in the account.
  • The application now warns you when displaying commands that belong to a different account.

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Our new debugging tool provides specific error messages, and actionable next steps, making it faster and easier for you to debug failed queries.


This feature is currently available for Hive, Spark, and Presto commands only.

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