Qubole Step (5)


If you are following the detailed steps, the steps below follow on from Steps 1-4 in the Azure Setup.

Step 5 (QDS): Configure QDS Account Settings

Step 5a: Add the storage account, container and storage keys

Log in to the QDS UI and navigate to Account Settings. On the Account Settings page, scroll down to Storage Settings.

You need to enter information for either Azure Blob storage or Azure Data Lake storage:

EITHER: For Azure Blob storage:


Add the Storage Account Name, container (Default Location) and a Storage Access Key from Step 4.

OR: For Azure Data Lake:


For Storage Client ID, Storage Client Secret, and Storage Tenant ID, use the values you saved in Step 1b. You will use the same values for Compute Settings (Step 5b).

Step 5b: Add the Client ID, Authentication Key and Tenant ID

Add the Compute Client ID (also known as Application ID), Compute Client Secret (also known as Authentication Key), and Compute Tenant ID from Step 1b.

Step 5c: Add the Default Resource Group

You need to specify the default Azure resource group in which QDS will bring up your clusters. You can specify an existing resource group, or create a new one. To create a new resource group, proceed as follows:

  1. Leave the Default Resource Group field set to Create New.
  2. Choose a suitable geographic location for the resource group. For example, if you are based in California, choose westus.
  3. Provide a name for the resource group; it can be any name you like.
  4. Click Save.

You have configured your QDS account. Now proceed to updating your clusters.