Setting Additional Configuration

The advanced driver configuration are described in the following section.

To set the advanced configuration, perform these steps:

  1. Open iODBC Administrator64 with Administrator Privileges. (sudo /Applications/iODBC/iODBC\\ Administrator64)

  2. Go to System DSN and select Qubole ODBC Driver DSN.

  3. Click Configure and the dialog is illustrated here.

  4. Enter the valid API Token.

  5. Change the DSI as required. The supported values are: Hive, Presto, SQLCommand (for Quantum), or Spark.

  6. Create a keyword entry by clicking the + button. Add the MAX_CHAR_SIZE keyword and add a value if you do not want to use the default value, which is 100000.

    However, some tools require the maximum value to be set below a particular limit.

    Example: For Microsoft SQL Server, this value has to be set to 8000 or less than 8000.

  7. Add SCHEMA_NAME as a keyword and enter the schema name as its value, to filter to that schema while fetching metadata so that only the related TABL_SCHEM configured is exposed.

  8. Add CATALOG as a keyword and enter the catalog’s name as its value.

  9. USE_S3 is enabled/set to true by default. It is set to bypass QDS Control Plane for getting results directly from the S3 location. You can enter false later to disable it or remove the keyword.

  10. Add BUCKET_REGION as a keyword and enter the AWS region which you use as the cloud object storage for final results (default storage location (defloc)). If you do not specify the AWS region, then it defaults to us-east-1 AWS region.

  11. STREAM_RESULTS: Set it to true to enable Presto FastStreaming. It enables streaming of results directly from AWS S3 in the ODBC driver. This is in contrast to the earlier behavior wherein the driver waits for the query to finish before downloading any results from the QDS Control Plane or from S3. The streaming behavior can help the BI tool performance as results are displayed as soon as they are available in S3. Presto FastStreaming for ODBC driver is supported in Presto versions 0.193 and 0.208. As streaming cannot be used with Presto Smart Query Retry, the Presto FastStreaming feature automatically disables Presto Smart Query Retry.


    Create a ticket with Qubole Support to enable the Presto FastStreaming feature on the account.

  12. VIRTUAL_HOST_STYLE: It is enabled by default. Set it to false to enable path-style URLs that allow a dot in the (.) S3 bucket name of the default storage location (defloc). It is only supported from ODBC Driver version 2.2.1.

    The Configure dialog box is as illustrated here with the virtual-host-style URLs disabled and path-style URLs enabled for S3 buckets.


    STREAM_RESULTS mentioned below is part of the ODBC Driver beta versions 2.0.0 and 2.1.0. The beta versions can cause data loss in scenarios where results data has NULL characters (0x00) and are therefore not recommended for production usage. For more information, see Launch Stage and Availability of Features.

  13. Click Ok.