Installing the ODBC Driver on Mac

Before installing the driver, you can install the iODBC Driver Manager that you have downloaded it as mentioned in Downloading the ODBC Driver on Mac.

Installing the iODBC Driver Manager

If you want to use the UI to configure the ODBC driver, use the iODBC Driver Manager, which you can download from iODBC Downloads. After downloading the iODBC, install it by:

  1. Double-clicking the downloaded iODBC Driver Manager (.dmg) file.
  2. Double-clicking the installer file, iODBC-SDK.pkg and following the instructions in the prompts.

Installing the ODBC Driver

Perform these steps to install the ODBC driver on Mac:

  1. Control-click the QuboleMacODBCInstaller.dmg in your Downloads folder (or wherever you have chosen to download it) and choose Open in the resulting dialog box.


    You need to control-click the package, and click Open to affirm that you really do want to open it, because Qubole is not currently an identified developer for the Mac. Qubole expects to rectify this shortly.

  2. In the folder that opens, click the icon labelled Qubole Mac ODBC Driver Installer.pkg.

  3. Click Agree to accept the software license agreement and the dialog is illustrated here.

  4. Click Continue and on the resulting screen, click Install and the dialog is illustrated here.

  5. To launch the installation, provide an Administrator password for your Mac and the dialog is illustrated here.


    You should see a confirmation that the software was installed successfully as illustrated here.



In JDBC and ODBC driver configurations, is the default endpoint.