Downloading the ODBC Driver on Mac

Proceed as follows to prepare your system and download the driver:


The Qubole driver is stored in the publicly accessible Cloud storage, and works on all Cloud platforms supported in QDS.

  1. Download and install the iODBC Driver Manager for Mac from:
  2. Download the Qubole ODBC driver from:
  3. Installing the ODBC Driver on Mac and configure the BI tool (if required) on the Mac OS. For more information on the configuration of the BI tools, see Partner Integration Guides.
  4. Read the Release Notes: ODBC Driver Version 2.2.1.

Downloading ODBC Driver Older Versions on Mac

To download the last three older ODBC driver versions, choose the version from this list:


The ODBC Driver versions 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 are beta releases. They can cause data loss in scenarios where results data has NULL characters (0x00) and are therefore not recommended for production usage. For more information, see Launch Stage and Availability of Features.