ODBC Driver Version 2.2.2

Release Date: 5th November 2019

Qubole has released a new version of ODBC driver for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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What’s New


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List of Changes

New Features

  • ODBC-337: Qubole has added a new feature to the ODBC driver known as Presto FastStreaming. It enables streaming of results directly from AWS S3 in the ODBC driver. This is in contrast to the earlier behavior wherein the driver waits for the query to finish before downloading any results from the QDS Control Plane or from S3. The streaming behavior can help the BI tool performance as results are displayed as soon as they are available in S3. Presto FastStreaming for ODBC driver is supported in Presto versions 0.193 and 0.208.

    To enable Presto FastStreaming:

    • On Linux and Mac, add STREAM_RESULTS=true in the odbc.ini file.
    • On Windows, select Stream Results in Qubole ODBC Driver DSN Setup > Advanced Configuration.

    Create a ticket with Qubole Support to enable the Presto FastStreaming feature on the account. Via Support


  • ODBC-315: Earlier, Qubole ODBC driver was using two API calls (Command API followed by Results API to fetch results location) when USE_S3 (on Linux/Mac) or UseS3 (on Windows) was enabled. Now, this enhancement replaces that with a single API call. This helps in reducing the overall command latency.
  • ODBC-343: Qubole has added an optimization to reduce the number of calls to Qubole APIs. Specifically, Qubole ODBC drivers do not make a call to get credentials on every connect call if those credentials have already been obtained during a previous connect call. This enhancement helps reduce the overall latency due to additional Qubole API calls.

Bug Fixes

  • ODBC-244: This fixes the issue with current_date, current_time, and current_timestamp keywords in Qubole ODBC driver.

  • ODBC-341: It is a fix for the issue with Linux ODBC installer wherein it was overwriting /etc/qubole.odbc.ini if it was missing ODBC Data Sources stanza. With this fix, if /etc/qubole.odbc.ini that already exists, was missing the ODBC Data Sources stanza, the installer now adds this stanza and adds Qubole DSN.

    In addition, this fix:

    • Resolves the issue wherein while uninstalling the driver, systems with unixODBC received the following insignificant error: cannot remove '/etc/profile.d/qds-odbc.sh': No such file or directory.
    • Removes the ODBCInstLib key in /etc/qubole.odbc.ini on Linux.