What’s New

Important new features and improvements are as follows.

Azure-Specific Improvements

  • Presto connector for Power BI - allows ad-hoc Presto queries from Power BI in Direct Query mode.
  • Networking improvements:
    • Support for accelerated networking on instances that support it.
    • Static IP support - you can specify static public and private addresses for the Master node of a cluster. Create a ticket with Qubole Support to enable this capability.
  • Resource-group improvements - allow you to use a single default resource group for all clusters, or to bring up a given cluster in a given resource group.
  • Data-in-transit encryption - you can enable SSL communication among cluster nodes, and HTTPS encryption between the cluster and Azure Blob storage.
  • Support for Spark Snowflake connector, with support for Snowflake DDL statements.


The label (in blue) that is against the description indicates the launch state, availability, and the default state of the feature/enhancement. For more information, click the label.

Unless stated otherwise, features are generally available, available as self-service and enabled by default.


  • The metastore consistency check (MSCK) result is displayed only in Logs instead of the Results tab of the Analyze UI. Disabled

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  • Presto 0.193 is generally available. Detailed notes about the 0.193 release are available as a blog post at Introducing Presto 0.193 in QDS.

  • File-based authentication has been improved to accept only hashed passwords. MD5, SHA1, Unix Crypt, and BCrypt hashed passwords are supported. Qubole recommends using MD5 and BCrypt as SHA1 and Unix Crypt are less secure.

  • Presto supports extracting the username from the source name header to authenticate direct connections to the Presto Server (supported only for file-based and LDAP authentication).

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  • Qubole Spark 2.3.1 is the first release of Apache Spark 2.3.x on Qubole. It is displayed as 2.3 latest (2.3.1) in the Spark Version field of the Create New Cluster page on QDS UI.

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Data Analytics

  • QDS displays partition columns in the Table Explorer (and in the Explore UI page).

  • You can now view and edit Hive commands greater than 126KB from the UI. Beta, Via Support, Disabled

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Other Improvements in QDS

  • You can now discover new product features and enhancements easily from a What’s New pane that has been integrated into the UI.
  • Use the Feedback button (top right corner) from any screen to provide faster feedback and share ideas for enhancements and new features with the Qubole engineering team.