Cluster Management

Master/Worker Terminology is used in the Cluster UI

ACM-4086: Master/Worker terminology is now used in the QDS UI instead of Master/Slave.


  • ACM-3890: You can configure Hive 2.3 (Beta) under the Configuration tab of the Clusters page in the QDS UI, and also via the cluster API.
  • ACM-3885: You can enable RubiX caching for Spark on Azure. Use the check box under the Advanced tab of the Clusters page in the QDS UI.
  • ACM-3328: QDS now validates your Azure compute credentials when you enter them in the Control Panel of the QDS UI, making sure your account has the proper permissions to manage the Azure resources your QDS clusters will need.

Bug Fixes

  • ACM-4079: The maximum size of an Azure data disk has been increased to 4095 GB.