What’s New

Important new features and improvements are as follows.


A link in blue text next to a description in these Release Notes indicates the launch state, availability, and default state of the item (for example, Beta). The link provides more information. Unless otherwise stated, features are generally available, available as self-service (without intervention by Qubole support), and enabled by default.

Azure-Specific Improvements

For instructions for signing in to QDS and setting up your account, see the Azure Quick Start Guide.

Other Important Improvements

  • The Show Command API now displays the email address of the user who submitted the command (Command Author) .
  • QDS now supports Airflow 1.10.2.
  • You can add and check multiple Hive Table dependencies in the Scheduler.

Learn more.

  • QDS sends two new metrics to the Ganglia server to help detect issues related to network performance on worker nodes, .

    Learn more here.

  • Presto version 0.208 is now generally available. Presto version 0.157 is deprecated. Presto 0.193 is the default. Learn more.