Cluster Management

New Feature: Cluster Health Tile Card with Metrics

ACM-4294: A new cluster-health tile card appears in Clusters section of the QDS UI, on the details page tor each cluster.


  • ACM-515: QDS will use account credentials if cluster credentials do not work to terminate the cluster. You can also contact Qubole support to force-terminate a cluster that is stuck in the terminating state.
  • ACM-1493: The email address of a user who has manually terminated a cluster is now visible on the Clusters page of the QDS UI.
  • ACM-5253: The cluster_usage_report API provides information about the user who started or terminated a cluster
  • ACM-4323: QDS supports these query runtime configurations for a given cluster: Via Support
    • Set the query execution timeout in minutes for a cluster. QDS auto-terminates a query if its runtime exceeds the timeout.
    • Set a warning about the query runtime in minutes for a cluster. QDS notifies the user of the account via email if a query’s runtime exceeds the configured time.
  • ACM-4801: A QDS API provides the details of the last cleanup activity for a given cluster. The API provides the reason why the cluster was selected or skipped for auto termination.
  • TOOLS-1178: QDS has removed the deprecated pycrypto package as of R57. Pycryptodome 3.0, a replacement for pycrypto, is included as of QDS R53.
  • ACM-5570: When QDS is starting or upscaling a cluster, multiple instances are created by a single API request. This improves the cluster start time for accounts which are facing API throttling limits.
  • ACM-4974: Azure instances that have fewer than four cores or less than 8 GB of memory no longer appear in the dropdown on the Clusters page of the QDS UI.
  • ACM-4711: QDS now accepts a Network Security Group (NSG) with multiple source IP addresses and ranges in a single security group rule. This will make sure a cluster starts when such an NSG is used as the cluster’s persistent security group.
  • ACM-5515: The cluster console index page now displays the latest cleanup status. For example this will show why a cluster was not terminated.
  • ACM-6065: QDS now supports Azure VMs of type E*as v4 (for example, E16as v4). This should be particularly useful in Presto clusters.

Bug Fix

  • ACM-5166: Fixes a problem that prevented a user from removing the cluster coordinator Static Public IP Name and coordinator MStatic Network Interface Name when editing the cluster in the QDS UI. You can now remove one or both of these by editing the cluster (using the Advanced Configuration tab of the Clusters page) and setting the text field(s) to empty (blank).