Presto Notebooks are Generally Available

PRES-1996: Presto Notebooks are generally available, with these changes:

  • QDS has implemented a native Presto Interpreter; this shows progress as a percentage in the Notebook UI.

  • Concurrency is supported. You can specify maximum concurrency using zeppelin.presto.maxConcurrency when you create the interpreter; the default is 10.


    This feature will be enabled for use in the next few days.

Presto 0.208 is Supported

PRES-2169: The latest supported version is Presto 0.208, which supports file-based authentication and FastPath. It does not support Dynamic Filtering. Beta. Cluster Restart Required

Bug Fixes

  • PRES-2026: Makes planning-time improvements to speed up plan generation for queries that have complex predicates or operate on tables with many partitions.
  • PRES-2150: Resolves an issue that caused queries using memory counters to fail intermittently with the error Future should be done.
  • PRES-2168: Fixes a Dynamic Filtering bug related to concurrency.
  • PRES-2232: Resolves a problem that caused failures in queries using the system.jdbc schema with PacketTooBigException, when there were too many tables in one of the Hive schemas.