Cluster Management

ACM-5283: QDS now supports X6-based shapes for clusters on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (VM.Standard.B1.x).

New Feature: Cluster Health Tile Card with Metrics

ACM-4294: A new cluster-health tile card appears in Clusters section of the QDS UI, on the details page tor each cluster.


  • ACM-515: QDS will use account credentials if cluster credentials do not work to terminate the cluster. You can also contact Qubole support to force-terminate a cluster that is stuck in the terminating state.
  • ACM-1493: The email address of a user who has manually terminated a cluster is now visible on the Clusters page of the QDS UI.
  • ACM-4773: The QCPU values for OCI instances have been updated in the Qubole Billing Guide.
  • ACM-5253: The cluster_usage_report API provides information about the user who started or terminated a cluster
  • ACM-4323: QDS supports these query runtime configurations for a given cluster: Via Support
    • Set the query execution timeout in minutes for a cluster. QDS auto-terminates a query if its runtime exceeds the timeout.
    • Set a warning about the query runtime in minutes for a cluster. QDS notifies the user of the account via email if a query’s runtime exceeds the configured time.
  • ACM-4801: A QDS API provides the details of the last cleanup activity for a given cluster. The API provides the reason why the cluster was selected or skipped for auto termination.
  • TOOLS-1178: QDS has removed the deprecated pycrypto package as of R57. Pycryptodome 3.0, a replacement for pycrypto, is included as of QDS R53.
  • ACM-5515: The cluster console index page now displays the latest cleanup status. For example this will show why a cluster was not terminated.