Hadoop 2

Bug Fixes

  • HADTWO-1404: An issue where a KILL job from the UI did not work for clusters that use the autogenerated SSH keys to communicate with the QDS server is resolved.
  • HADTWO-1431: The open-source issue, HADOOP-13145 has been ported. It resolves the intermittent FileNotFoundException errors in DistCp that occur due to the eventual consistency in S3.
  • HADTWO-1464: An intermittent issue in which the S3AInputStream threw an IOException when reopening the connection to S3 is resolved.
  • HADTWO-1481: The issue where the Shell commands failed when using the server-side encryption on S3 is resolved.


  • HADTWO-1449: The Qubole Hadoop version 2.6.0-qds-0.4.14 is available from the S3 location through Maven for projects that depend on Hadoop 2. See the POM.xml for an example on how to use it.