Data Analytics

New Features

  • AN-107: Control which command runs other users in the account have access to by specifying whether a command is public or private. For ease of use, you can also define a default for command access in the future. Disabled. Learn more


  • AN-1285: Cluster management commands are no longer counted towards overall user concurrency. As a result, cluster start commands are not slow due to throttling anymore.

  • INFRA-775: QDS has introduced a functionality where customers can request setting a maximum command concurrent limit percentage for all users of an account. As this limit is configured at the account level, all users get the same limitation. Via Support, Disabled. Learn more

Bug Fixes

  • AN-714: The Query Export feature on the Analyze page has now been made optional and is disabled by default. Disabled

  • AN-1342: If the Refresh Table command type was picked as the first command in a workflow, the cluster selection drop-down list was hidden for subsequent steps while editing the workflow. This bug was fixed by allowing the cluster drop-down list to be displayed at all times while editing workflow commands.

  • AN-655: When landing on Analyze data from the Explore page, a select * default query was being populated with no limit on the number of results returned. To prevent customers from unintentionally running the query on the entire dataset, Qubole has set a limit on the number of results returned by executing the default query.

  • INFRA-1040: The formatting issues in the Analyze page’s Results tab have been resolved.