Notebooks and Dashboards

In this release, Qubole provides various new features and enhancements for Notebooks and Dashboards.

New Features

Export Dashboards in Different Formats

ZEP-3031: You can export dashboards in the following formats: PNG, PDF, and HTML. Exported dashboards can be used for various use cases, such as publishing them on a web page, and sending as an email attachment to business users or colleagues. You can also download dashboards by using the command API (/api/v1.2/commands with notebookConvertCommand command type). You can export the dashboard even when the cluster is down. If a dashboard fails to render within 3 minutes, then the download or email option fails. The results size limit is not applicable on the exported dashboard. Via Support, Disabled.


  • ZEP-2734: When the cluster is offline, you can click on the Run button to start the cluster, and run the paragraphs in the notebook. Via Support, Disabled.
  • ZEP-2664: Notebooks automatically trim the output stored in memory, showing only the first 10 and the last 10 rows. As a result, the occurrence of UI issues, such as freezing of notebooks, zeppelin server crash, etc. are minimized. Via Support, Disabled.
  • ZEP-2880: When you update or modify the dashboard refresh configuration, the label details of the cluster that is attached to the dashboard are also updated if they were modified.

Bug Fixes

  • ZEP-3047: The Interpreters page was not displayed intermittently. Now, you can view the Interpreters page without any delay.
  • ZEP-3109: Various components of the Notebooks page are optimized to handle 100s of clusters and 1000s of notebooks. As a result, notebooks do not freeze or become unresponsive with large number of clusters and notebooks.

For a list of bug fixes between versions R54 and R55, see Changelog for