• GROWTH-157: Qubole has revised its approach to involvement in the greater Big Data community by revising the Qubole HelpCenter with the following changes:
    • Removed the knowledge base section from the HelpCenter as the content from the knowledge base is moved to the product Troubleshooting Guide.
    • Removed the announcement section as it is available in a static format on the Qubole Support Portal.
    • Removed references for Zendesk from search as there will not be relevant content returned from that data source.
  • GROWTH-156: Qubole is re-implementing the “Submit Ticket” functionality in HelpCenter to more closely follow the Support Portal ticket creation process. The primary benefit of this is to gather more necessary details from the customer prior to issue submission and ideally reduce the amount of back-and-forth questions which may be required to start issue investigations and reduce time to drive to issue solution.