View a Schedule

GET /api/v1.2/scheduler/(int: id)

This API is used to view an existing schedule that is created to run commands automatically at certain frequency in a specified interval.

Resource URI


Request Type


Supporting Versions


Return Value

Json object representing the schedule.

Required Role

The following users can make this API call:

  • Users who belong to the system-user or system-admin group.

  • Users who belong to a group associated with a role that allows viewing a schedule information. See Managing Groups and Managing Roles for more information.


curl -i -X GET -H "X-AUTH-TOKEN: $AUTH_TOKEN" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" \


The above syntax uses as the endpoint. Qubole provides other endpoints to access QDS that are described in Supported Qubole Endpoints on Different Cloud Providers.


  "concurrency": 1,
  "time_unit": "days",
  "command": {
    "approx_mode": false,
    "query": "select stock_symbol, max(high), min(low), sum(volume) from daily_tick_data where date1='$formatted_date$' group by stock_symbol",
    "approx_aggregations": false,
    "sample": false
  "user_id": 39,
  "dependency_info": {
    "hive_tables": [
        "window_end": "0",
        "initial_instance": "2012-07-01T00:00Z",
        "name": "daily_tick_data",
        "interval": {
          "days": "1"
        "columns": {
          "stock_symbol": [
          "stock_exchange": [
        "window_start": "-1",
        "time_zone": "UTC"
  "time_out": 10,
  "macros": [
      "formatted_date": "Qubole_nominal_time.format('YYYY-MM-DD')"
  "end_time": "2022-07-01 02:00",
  "start_time": "2012-07-01 02:00",
  "frequency": 1,
  "id": 2266,
  "time_zone": "UTC",
  "command_type": "HiveCommand",
  "status": "RUNNING"