Ruby-on-Rails UpgradeΒΆ

This page lists a few common questions with corresponding answers about the Ruby-on-Rails (RoR) upgrade.

What does this change contain?

Rails upgrade from v3.2 to v4.2 to Qubole application backend.


Application frontend includes SaaS app, interfaces, databases in Qubole tier

Application backend in Qubole tier (also called QDS control plane) and cluster image for Qubole-managed clusters include:

  • Application backend: command processing infrastructure and background jobs
  • Qubole managed clusters: cluster machine image

Why are we doing this?

Qubole will migrate Ruby on Rails infrastructure to the latest stable version in a multi-step deployment over the coming months. Performing this maintenance activity in a step by step fashion will allow us to reduce the risk of any single change impacting Qubole customers.

How have we prepared?

Qubole has successfully completed full regression testing with Rails 4.2 which is the specific change we are deploying in the upcoming maintenance. We have also tested our application with different combinations of Ruby and Rails application versions that will live in our production systems before and after this change.

What are things that may be impacted? As part of this change, we will upgrade the Qubole application backend which includes command processing infrastructure and many background jobs that provide infrastructure management and monitoring capabilities such as cluster lifecycle management, reporting, etc. We do not expect any impact to these capabilities during the change and we will be closely monitoring performance across our customer base during and after the maintenance.

How can you get in touch? Should you notice abnormal performance during the maintenance or immediately following, please submit a support ticket to Qubole via and supply as much information about the symptom, account, cluster, command to help us isolate the issue as expediently as possible.