Log into Qubole Clusters Hosted in Amazon EC2

You must configure the public key on the cluster to log into it. Set the public key if you have it already. Else, see Generating SSH Keys or SSH Key or any other online resources to create a pair of keys.

For instructions on logging into Qubole clusters hosted in an Amazon VPC, see Log into Qubole Clusters Hosted in an Amazon VPC.

Configuring a Public SSH Key on a Qubole Cluster

Navigate to the Clusters page and select the cluster you want to log into. Perform the following steps:

  1. Click the edit button. The Edit Cluster page is displayed. See Adding or Changing Settings (AWS) for more information.

  2. In the Security settings section, type the public key in the Customer public ssh key text field. See Advanced Configuration: Modifying Security Settings (AWS) for more information.

    If the cluster is already running, restart it to apply the new setting.

Logging in through SSH


Note that you must log in as the ec2-user.

After configuring public SSH key, you can log in using a private key by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Clusters and find the server hostname of the running cluster into which you want to log in. The following figure shows an example of a cluster page with one running cluster.


    For coordinator node and worker node details:

    • Click Copy Coordinator DNS on the specific running cluster.

    • Click the number that is under cluster label (which indicates nodes) and copy the Public DNS value of the worker nodes.

  2. On a terminal, run an SSH command as mentioned below:

    $ ssh -i <path to your private key> ec2-user@<public dns of server>