Downloading the ODBC Driver to Windows

AWS regions that are created after 2013 only support signature version V4, which are listed in AWS Service endpoints. New S3 buckets that are created after January 20, 2020 only support signature version V4. While using Driver version 2.2.2, Qubole recommends you to test if the S3 bucket is in the AWS region that does not require signature version V4 to use it.


The Qubole driver is stored in the publicly accessible cloud storage, and works on all cloud platforms supported in QDS. Qubole plans to support it on GCP shortly.

Qubole recommends to use 2.23 and later version of GNU C Library (glibc) as there is a bug in 2.22 and earlier versions.

Pick the driver version from the following table that you want to download.

ODBC Driver Version

Release Date

AWS Signature Version Support

Downloadable JAR Location

Release Notes

Driver Version 3.0.0

2nd Sep 2020

V4 and V2

ODBC Driver Version 3.0.0

Driver Version 2.1.1

14th Nov 2019

V4 and V2

For versions 2.1.1 and 2.2.2, see ODBC Driver Release Notes

Driver version 2.2.2

5th Nov 2019

Only V2

Installing the ODBC Driver on Windows describes the steps to install the ODBC driver. Configure the BI tool (if required) on the Windows OS. To know more about the configuration of the BI tools, see Tools Guides.