1. What Azure regions does Qubole support?ΒΆ


The information on this page may become out-of-date between releases; if you have access to the current version of the QDS UI, use the information there instead: go to the + New or Edit dialog in the the Clusters section, click the Advanced Configuration tab and pull down the drop-down selector for the Location field.

For more information about Azure regions, see the Microsoft documentation.

Qubole currently supports following regions:

  • eastus (East US)
  • eastus2 (East US 2)
  • centralus (Central US)
  • southcentralus (South Central US)
  • westus (West US)
  • centralindia (Central India)
  • southindia (South India)
  • westindia (West India)
  • westeurope (West Europe)
  • southeastasia (Southeast Asia)