Cluster Management


ACM-5566: Datadog is now available in Beta for Oracle clusters. On the Clusters page in the QDS UI, choose the Advanced Configuration tab of an existing or new cluster, and enter your Datadog API and Application keys. You can also enable Datadog at the QDS account level; use the Account Settings page in the Control Panel of the QDS UI. Settings for an individual cluster override the account settings. See also:

Account-level Node Bootstrap

ACM-6680: QDS now supports an account-level node bootstrap script, which is executed for all clusters in an account. Currently, it is supported only through a REST API. Cluster Restart Required

Handling Cluster Terminations

ACM-6255: Improves handling of cluster terminations, including terminating unhealthy or idle clusters and terminating a cluster when its start command times out. Gradual Rollout | Cluster Restart Required


  • ACM-5560: Improves error messaging to display the email address of a user who terminates the cluster manually.

  • ACM-6297: New HiveServer2 clusters can now use the associated Hive cluster’s label.

  • ACM-6222: Upgrades the Oracle OCI SDK and improves cluster instance allocation, creating instances in parallel. This results in faster startup for large clusters.

  • ACM-6319: Improves the API call that lists cluster states.

Bug Fixes

  • ACM-6291: Fixes a problem that caused terminated clusters to be incorrectly marked as up. This was due to a race condition between cluster termination and background healing jobs.

  • ACM-6291: Fixes a problem that caused compute validation to fail if the account was not subscribed to the us-phoenix region.

  • ACM-5673: Nodes that cannot mount volumes because of a failure are now terminated either when the cluster starts or when it upscales.