Package Management

Package management is a Beta feature.

New Features

The Package Management UI has been redesigned with the following new features:


Users of existing accounts should contact Qubole Support to enable this feature.

  • ZEP-3982: You can install packages from custom channels and upload egg or wheel packages in the Python Conda environment.

  • ZEP-4289: You can upgrade to a new packages version by selecting the packages from the list of packages on the Environments page of the QDS UI.

  • ZEP-3734: The Environments page now displays all types of packages, System, User, and User Package Dependency, with their respective versions in a table on the home page of each environment. You can toggle the visibility of these three package types using the filter in the column header. By default, only User Installed Packages are displayed.

  • ZEP-4213: You can now filter the list of environments by cluster label. Use the Search Filters option on the Environments page.


  • ZEP-4533: The default Python version when you create clusters or environments is 3.5 for existing QDS accounts and 3.7 for new accounts.

Bug Fix

  • ZEP-4040: The Environment status used to remain Pending when you mapped an incorrect Python or R version to the packages. This fix terminates the Conda process for Python packages after 20 mins of inactivity. Contact Qubole Support if you want to modify the default timeout value.