Data Analytics

Bug Fixes

  • AN-217: The Run Selected option is removed for Workflow commands. The complete text gets saved/run even when partial text is selected for Workflow commands.

  • AN-354: Qubole has made enhancements in data caching for QDS accounts that have Hive Authorization enabled.

  • AN-311: On the Analyze UI, the cluster selection drop-down is not available for the Refresh Table command type in the edit mode now. It was visible earlier and the issue has been resolved.

  • AN-487: In the Explore UI, the issue in which the custom path displayed the upload option instead of the download option has been resolved.

  • AN-523: Tags are saved properly when the Create Command Templates API is used.

  • AN-674: The add jar statements are formatted correctly when the Format button in the SQL composer is clicked.

  • AN-685: The Notification in the Preview tab of the Analyze UI appears only when data is available.

  • AN-756: The issue in which the upload button in the Explore UI is not displayed when browser window is resized has been resolved.

  • EAM-683: The issue where a failure during the data import was incorrectly treated as a success has been resolved.


  • AN-344: Spark clusters are supported when the s3distcp option for a Hadoop job is selected on the Analyze UI.

  • AN-486: Clicking All select … from the column dropdown in the Results pane selects all columns and when it is clicked again, all columns gets unselected.

  • AN-693: A new icon set for command status visually conveys whether the command has succeeded or failed by using tick or cross icons as appropriate.

  • EAM-672: Optimisations on time taken for showing results for small commands (specially Presto commands). The time taken for returning results is significantly reduced for small queries.