Cluster Management

Changes in Cluster Management provides more description on the new features/enhancements.

New Features

  • ACM-2071, ACM-2192, and ACM-2744: QDS clusters support C5, H1, and M5 AWS instance types.

  • AD-540: The Account SSH Key field displays the public key of the SSH key pair to use while logging into Bastion node for a private subnet.

Bug Fixes

  • ACM-1912: The issue in which query messages that displayed AMI override error has been resolved.

  • ACM-1945: Improved cluster start time when the node bootstrap file is not present.

  • ACM-2128: The cluster startup error in a Hadoop 2 (Hive) cluster has been resolved.

  • ACM-2362 and ACM-2527: The cluster configuration UI now shows an error if it is unable to find a VPC in an account.

  • ACM-2569: The issue where changing node types in a heterogeneous cluster resulted in the clusters page not displaying any data has been resolved.


  • ACM-2095: QDS supports soft enforcement of cluster permissions at the object level. On the Manage Permissions dialog of a specific cluster, when you select one permission, then additional cluster permissions are automatically selected. You can still disable those additional permissions in the UI before saving.

    Qubole highly recommends a user to accept the enforced permissions.

  • ACM-2177: The Spot node acquisition has become faster by up to 10 seconds now.

  • ACM-2234: Qubole has moved to HVM image for better reliability and performance.

    If you bake custom AMIs, you can bake the PV AMI type for sometime now but going forward, just baking HVM AMI should be sufficient. Qubole’s API would continue to accept PV image for backward compatibility reasons but Qubole would not use PV AMIs going forward.

  • ACM-2291: The default threshold for EBS-based storage upscaling has been changed to 25% from 15%. However, existing configurations will not be affected.

    In addition, for progress-rate based upscaling, QDS adds a disk if the storage is estimated to get full in 10 minutes instead of the previous 2 minutes.

  • ACM-2420: Qubole has made multiple optimizations to reduce number of API calls which helps alleviate the API rate-limiting problem.

  • ACM-2665: Qubole has made optimizations to reduce the number of AWS API calls to start/upscale a cluster.