New Features

  • AIR-291: Airflow 1.10.2. is now available on QDS. It includes all the new features available in Apache Airflow 1.10.2 and some major bug fixes. This version provides support for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) which allows the Admins to manage permissions at a more granular level. To use Airflow v1.10.2, you must create a new cluster.

    For more details, see Introducing Role-Based Access Control in Apache Airflow.


  • AIR-319: A user can now trigger Qubole Quantum queries using Airflow. Cluster Restart Required.
  • AIR-363: Airflow 1.7.0 has been officially deprecated from Qubole and its support will be removed completely in the next release. It is not recommended to use this version of Airflow for creating a new cluster.