• INFRA-2441: The default Account Level Concurrent Command Limit on the Account Settings tab has increased from 20 to 100. Gradual Rollout. Learn more.
  • AD-1629: Qubole now supports IAM role-based account creation via API for AWS. Learn more.
  • AD-2476: To mitigate risk while rolling out a new feature, Qubole groups users, and accounts into different pods. When a change is rolled out to a pod, Qubole monitors the feature’s performance before rolling it out to subsequent pods. You can view the pod you belong to in the Account Details section of the Account Settings tab. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • AD-2815: Fixed an intermittent issue caused by permission caching. Users can now successfully perform actions for which they have the required permissions.
  • AD-2371: Fixed an issue that caused pages to load slowly on
  • AD-2441: The Usage Status Dashboard has been revamped.

For a list of bug fixes between versions R56 and R57, see Changelog for