Data Analytics


  • AN-2168: New Analyze is now Workbench. Beta.
  • AN-1814: You can resize the command query composer in Workbench for Hive, Presto, Quantum, and DB Query commands.
  • AN-1639: The Status pane in Workbench is now available for Quantum commands.
  • AN-1708: Permalinks for Hive tables in Workbench now contain an account ID. A confirmation pop-up window prompts users if they open a table that belongs to a different Qubole account.
  • AN-2100: All file downloads on the Explore page are now handled through AWS Signature Version 4.
  • AN-2210: You can now tag commands on the History tab in Workbench. You can later use these tags to filter out commands using the Tags field (in the history filter).
  • AN-1324: Cluster live health metrics are now available as part of the Clusters drop-down list in Workbench. Via Support.
  • AN-1382: Click the preview icon to preview a query. You can also dock the query preview while you work on another query.
  • AN-1327: To make debugging easier, Qubole now displays the Cluster Instance ID under the Processing tab of the Status pane. This enables you to collect logs of the particular command by cluster instance.

Bug Fixes

  • AN-2265: The Logs pane does not auto scroll anymore in Workbench.
  • AN-2240: The cluster selection drop-down list in Workbench now displays Hadoop2 clusters.
  • AN-2219: Resource links are now clickable in the Logs pane in Workbench. Clicking the link redirects the user to the corresponding cluster dashboard.

For a list of bug fixes between versions R56 and R57, see Changelog for