View Task Status

For Airflow version 1.10.0 and older:

GET /airflow-webserver-<cluster-id>/api/experimental/dags/<DAG_ID>/tasks/<TASK_ID>/

For Airflow 1.10.2 and later:

GET /airflow-rbacwebserver-<cluster-id>/api/experimental/dags/<DAG_ID>/tasks/<TASK_ID>/

You can now view a task status by running the experimental API.


To run the experimental APIs, you require to have Airflow version 1.10.0 and above.

Required Role

A user with read permission to the cluster can make this API call.


curl -X GET -H "X-AUTH-TOKEN: $AUTH_TOKEN" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" "https://


You need to specify the QDS environment in the above syntax. It works with all the environments described in Supported Qubole Endpoints on Different Cloud Providers.

Sample Query

curl -X GET -H "X-AUTH-TOKEN: $AUTH_TOKEN" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" "https://"

Sample Response

  "adhoc": "False",
  "args": "()",
  "depends_on_past": "False",
  "email": "None",
  "email_on_failure": "True",
  "email_on_retry": "True",
  "end_date": "None",
  "execution_timeout": "None",
  "kwargs": "{'dag': <DAG: Demo_Dag>, 'task_id': 'qubole_task', 'tags': 'aiflow_example_run', 'fetch_logs': True, 'qubole_conn_id': 'qubole_default', 'params': {}, 'cluster_label': 'default', 'query': 'show tables', 'command_type': 'hivecmd'}",
  "max_retry_delay": "None",
  "on_failure_callback": "<function handle_failure_retry at 0x7efcc5d07d70>",
  "on_retry_callback": "<function handle_failure_retry at 0x7efcc5d07d70>",
  "on_success_callback": "None",
  "owner": "qubole",
  "params": "{}",
  "pool": "None",
  "priority_weight": "1",
  "queue": "default",
  "resources": "{'disk': {'_qty': 512, '_units_str': 'MB', '_name': 'Disk'}, 'gpus': {'_qty': 0, '_units_str': 'gpu(s)', '_name': 'GPU'}, 'ram': {'_qty': 512, '_units_str': 'MB', '_name': 'RAM'}, 'cpus': {'_qty': 1, '_units_str': 'core(s)', '_name': 'CPU'}}",
  "retries": "0",
  "retry_delay": "0:05:00",
  "retry_exponential_backoff": "False",
  "run_as_user": "None",
  "sla": "None",
  "start_date": "2018-12-02 00:00:00",
  "task_id": "qubole_task",
  "trigger_rule": "all_success",
  "wait_for_downstream": "False"