Troubleshooting Query Problems – Before You Contact Support

To make sure your problem is resolved as quickly as possible, you should gather all the pertinent information before you create a support ticket. The following checklist will help you organize this information:

  • Fill in mandatory fields in the ticket.

  • What is the account ID which is impacted?

    You can find this on the My Accounts page of the Control Panel.

  • Which command ID(s) or Notebook ID(s) are impacted?

    You can find it on respective QDS UI.

  • Can we rerun command or Notebook Paragraph in case of failure? If not, please state the reason in the ticket description.

  • Which environment is the issue occurring in?

    You can share the URL in case you do not know the environment.

  • Is the issue happening intermittently or always? If intermittent, provide successful and failed command ID(s).

  • Was it running before successfully?

  • Have there been any changes to your environment lately which could contribute to the issue? If so, what did you changed in your query environment (QDS, Cloud, and so on) before you ran this query?

  • What troubleshooting steps (if any) have you tried?

  • What is the business impact of this problem? Provide a description to further describe how it matches the selected ticket priority.

    For example:

    • Impact on internal SLA or production workloads?

    • Impact on new development with <deadline> (please specify)?

    • Testing only (low urgency)?

  • Provide reference of previous tickets with the same issue if you have raised them before.

  • If there are any other observations about this issue, please provide details.