Running a Shell Command

This document is intended to get a new user up and running with QDS, by running a simple Shell Command. As a prerequisite, the user must have signed up for Qubole (via the Sign Up page) and has a working account in QDS (else, create one as described in Managing Your Accounts).

Running a Shell Command from Analyze

Perform the following steps to run a Shell Command:

  1. Navigate to the Analyze page from the top menu and click the Compose button. A command composer and editor is displayed.

  2. In the Compose command editor, select the command type as ShellCommand from the drop-down list.

  3. Specify the shell command to be run. For example:

    hadoop dfs -ls s3://paid-qubole/

  4. Optionally specify other files or archives to be copied to the directory where the shell command executes.

  5. Click Run. QDS brings up a cluster to run the job; this may take a few minutes. You can watch the progress of the job under the Logs tab; when it completes, you can see the query results under the Results tab.

Congratulations! You have executed your first shell command using the Qubole Data Service.