Command Templates

The Command Template is a QDS feature that provides you a template to compose a command/query once and modify a parameter value multiple times or add another parameter along with its value.

If you want to run the same command multiple times with a different set of parameters, instead of rewriting the commands, you can use command templates. A command template contains two variable fields known as Form Fields and Macros. Form Fields are the inputs (parameter/value) that are provided when you run a query. Macros are dynamically determined but are not required to be provided as inputs when you run a query.

For example, you can create a command template for the following command.

SELECT CouponType FROM default_qubole_airline_origin_destination WHERE DestStateName = 'New York';

The same command can be run for other destination states by changing the value for DestStateName.

The following topics explain about how to view, create, and edit command templates:


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For more information, see Analyze.