Customise your Account

You can add a logo for resellers, who are within the QDS account.


This feature is not enabled by default. To enable it on the QDS account, create a ticket with Qubole Support.

Brand Logo and Documentation describes the API to add a logo.

After Qubole enables the branding feature on the QDS account, navigate to the Control Panel > Branding Details.

Under Logo Details, you have these options to add the logo:

  • Logo URL: It is a publicly accessible logo URI image in a png/gif/svg format. The image size must be less than 100 KB. It must have the pixel dimension of (120px x 48px) It is mandatory for branding the logo.

  • Small Logo: It can be a small logo that you can upload. It must have the pixel dimension of (48px x 48px).

After uploading the logo, click Submit to add the logo on the QDS UI. You can also remove the logo using the Remove Branding button.

Here is a sample brand logo that is uploaded and yet to be submitted.