Using Qubole through Looker

After the connection between Qubole and Looker is established, you can use it to create dashboards in the Looker UI. As a first step, let us get all tables in the schema available in Qubole and create a dashboard out of one of the tables in the schema. Viewing tables and creating a dashboard are described in:

Viewing Tables in the Schema

To view tables in the schema, perform these steps:

  1. On Looker, click Admin. In the Admin tab, click Connections under Database, which is on the left side.

  2. For the connection created in Configuring Looker, click the settings (gear) icon, which is present on the right side and it displays a list as shown below.

  3. Click Explore from the list and it will run queries on Qubole’s Presto cluster to get the table information for the Schema provided while creating the connection in Step 4 of Configuring Looker. There could be a delay in loading the Explore page based on the time taken by the queries to run. (If the cluster is not started, then additional time is required to start the cluster.)

  4. The following screen is displayed once the query execution is completed on Qubole.

  5. Click the tables that you want to work with in Looker and you are redirected to the Explore page for the selected table.

Creating a Dashboard on Looker

To create a dashboard on Looker, perform these steps:

  1. Select one of the fields from the left side of the scroll bar in the Panel as shown below and click the Filter tag beside it.

  2. In the SQL sub-section under Data in Looker, you can see the SQL which is formed out of the selected filters.

  3. Click Run available at the the top-right corner. It starts running a query on Qubole, which can be seen on the Analyze page of Qubole.

  4. The results are populated for the selected columns and shown under Visualizations and Data sections on the Looker UI.