Installing SQLAlchemyΒΆ

Follow the instructions below to install the sqlalchemy-qubole package:

  1. Download the Qubole JDBC driver (version 2.3 or later). For more information, see Downloading the JDBC Driver.

  2. Set the environment variable QUBOLE_JDBC_JAR_PATH pointing to JDBC JAR location with the absolute path (example: export QUBOLE_JDBC_JAR_PATH=/Users/testuser/qubolejdbc/qds-jdbc-2.3.0.jar).

  3. Install sqlalchemy-qubole package. The package is available on PyPI.

    $ pip install sqlalchemy-qubole


    Ensure that pip is pointing to Python3. You can use pip3 as well as this package supports Python 3.x version.

After successful installation of sqlalchemy-qubole package, you can use this package in your python code to run Qubole Presto and Hive queries.