1. How does Qubole Package Management pick a library version? Is it dependent on the Conda version or does it pick the latest version?ΒΆ

QDS Package Management (PM) only does a conda install <package>. If this fails, then it does a pip install <package>. If you mention a specific version of package while adding it, the PM installs that version. If you do not specify a version, then Conda uses the default version and conda-forge channels (in that priority order with channel_priority set as flexible) to resolve and download the package version that is compatible with the Conda environment.

Starting from R59, you can customize the channels. For more information, see Modifying Channels.


PM uses the R channel to install the R packages.

Using the Default Package Management UI describes how to use the Package Management to create an environment and add or remove packages using the UI. Add Packages to the Package Management Environment describes how to add packages in a PM environment using the API.