Notebooks and Dashboards

New Features

  • ZEP-939: Qubole now supports Zeppelin 0.8.0. Via Support.

    The following improvements are available with the Zeppelin 0.8.0 upgrade:

    • You can run notebooks or paragraphs from within a notebook by using, paragraphId) or z.runNote(noteId) functions respectively. The external notebook might belong to the same cluster or a different cluster. The external notebook runs in the same context as the caller notebook.
    • You can run all paragraphs in the notebook or dashboard sequentially by using the Run all paragraphs option. In addition, scheduled notebooks or dashboards, and the notebooks that are run from the Analyze page also run paragraphs sequentially. In case of an error or abortion of run all, successive paragraphs are not run.
    • You can perform the following actions from the Paragraph drop-down menu.
      • Run all paragraphs above and below, including the current paragraph. At any given time, you can execute only one of run all, run all above, or run all below.
      • Copy paragraph ID.
      • Clone paragraph.
      • Change font size.
    • You can now have multiple table, text and charts, and other types of output.
    • You can use notebook level dynamic input form with z.noteInput or $$.
    • You can pass Zeppelin’s dynamic input variables to Shell and SQL Interpreters.
    • Network type visualization is supported.
    • You can find and replace values anywhere in the notebook code
    • When you add a new paragraph, the new paragraph provides autofill based on the previous paragraph.
    • Memory leaks causing notebooks UI to freeze are fixed.
  • ZEP-3832: QDS now supports enterprise installations of GitHub and GitLab. The service running Github or Gitlab can be in either a public or private subnet. You must ensure that the Qubole tunnel servers have a networking path to the hosted version control service. Via Support.

  • JUPY-1: Jupyterlab notebooks are now supported as a closed Beta feature for interactive workloads. Jupyter notebooks are supported on Spark 2.2 and later. Beta, Via Support. See Jupyter Notebooks.

  • JUPY-273: Adds support for UI-based charts in Jupyterlab. This improves the experience of switching among different charts and chart options.