Hive 1.2 is Deprecated

QHIVE-5285: Hive 1.2 is deprecated.

Automatic Upgrade from Hive 0.13

Any clusters still running Hive 0.13, which reached end-of-life in February 2019, will be automatically upgraded to 1.2 in QDS R59. Because 1.2 itself is deprecated, you should consider upgrading to a later supported version as soon as possible.


  • QHIVE-5049: Optimizes the loading time of dynamically created partitions in the Hive Metastore. To disable this optimization, set hive.qubole.optimize.dynpart.listing to false. Gradual Rollout | Cluster Restart Required

  • QHIVE-5339: The Hive Metastore Server now uses Java 8 runtime by default.

  • QHIVE-5242: Hive queries that use Hive 2.1.1 or later versions and run on the coordinator node now have their logs uploaded to <defloc>/logs/query_logs/hive/<cmdId>.log.gz.

  • QHIVE-5268: QDS now supports configuring the replication of Application Timeline Server (ATS) v1.5 HDFS Timeline data. The default replication is 2. You can override this in the QDS UI using config yarn.timeline-service.entity-group-fs-store.replication in the Hadoop Overrides field under the cluster’s Advanced Configuration tab. The related open-source Jira is HIVE-16533.

  • QTEZ-477: QDS now supports using RollingLevelDBTimelineStore for the ATS v1.5 Summary Store. Gradual Rollout

Bug Fix

  • QHIVE-4967: Open-source Hive has deprecated hive.mapred.mode; use hive.strict.checks.* configuration properties instead. QDS has removed the obsolete flag qubole.compatibility.mode which was designed to produce an error when hive.mapred.mode was set to strict.