Alert Name: master_usable_mem_alert

Alert Condition: The condition that triggers the alert is avg(last_5m):avg:mem_free{*} by {host} < 2000000000.

Alert Explanation: This alert indicates that the average free memory in the master node is less than 2 GB.


You can use one of the following methods to resolve:

  • Method 1: Follow these steps:
    1. Use the AWS instance type with larger memory and set it as the master node.
    2. Try moving a part of the workload to another cluster.
  • Method 2: Follow these steps:
    1. Log into the master node and check which process is using the maximum memory.
    2. Run the top command to check the percentage of memory being used by each running process.
    3. Run the ps (process status) command to see more information about each process.
    4. Based on which process is consuming the maximum memory, take appropriate steps as required.