Troubleshooting Errors and Exceptions in Jupyter Notebooks

This topic provides information about the errors and exceptions that you might encounter when running Jupyter notebooks. You can resolve these errors and exceptions by following the respective workarounds.

Execution stops at a cell in a scheduled Jupyter notebook

  • Description: If there is a warning in one of the cells when a scheduled Jupyter notebook runs, the execution stops at that cell.

  • Resolution: As a workaround, to skip the warning and continue execution, add raises-exception in that cell’s metadata field by performing the following steps:

    1. Select the cell that shows the warning.

    2. Click on the Tools icon on the left side bar.

    3. Click Advanced Tools.

    4. Add raises-exception in the Cell Metadata tags field.

    5. Re-run the API.

Import of Zeppelin Notebooks might fail

  • Description: When you import a Zeppelin notebook of size greater than 1 MB, the import operation might fail.

  • Resolution: As a workaround, perform the following steps:

    1. Clear the output of the Zeppelin notebook to reduce the size of the notebook.

    2. Import the Zeppelin notebook in JupyterLab interface.